I really begin blogging…


My journey toward self healing began when my husband of 33 years hit me.  There are four aspects to my new and better life.  They are physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual focuses, with which I will alternate as I blog.  To begin, I will fill in a little history as I go, and see how this works out.  Bear with me…

I have tried to take care of myself since young adulthood, and in my previous life, I regularly rode bicycles and walked with my husband.  Now, I go to the Y for yoga classes and lift weights in a program designed specifically for my needs.  If you have a Y nearby, I suggest you join.  It is a great place to get the support you may need for keeping fit.  But I digress.  The greatest change I see in my physical well-being is freedom from fear.  You see, my husband would shun me when he was upset or angry.  Because I never knew what would bring on this treatment, I tried to alter my behavior to avoid anything I perceived might cause the shunning.  My personality just couldn’t handle his blatant distain.  I began to have acute indigestion, I was sleepless, I lost weight, and I had panic attacks.

Freedom from fear has made me realize how far gone my life was.  When you feel better, you can see how bad you felt before.  There are other ways I am healing myself physically.

What do you do for your physical well-being?


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