Sisters. You can’t have too many.


Today, the focus is on the emotional aspect of healing. I have three sisters. Well, actually I have many more than three, because you can never have too many sisters, and I have pulled all my close women friends into my circle of sisters. If you don’t have biological sisters, pick the people you want to be your sisters, and hold onto them forever.

I could have not survived without my sisters. They have pulled me up when I was so low I couldn’t lift my head, encouraged me when there was nothing left for me to draw upon, caught me when the rug was pulled out from under me, sustained me. They hugged me, wiped my tears, and then plain told me to “get a grip.” I love all my sisters.

I smile at the thought of each one. Now, I can laugh with my sisters. Being with them is pure joy, and I have the freedom to do that without worry and implications.

I hope I can be the emotional pillars for them that they have been for me. What do you and your sisters do for each other?


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