Pets. They help you heal…


It was almost like that bumper sticker, “My husband said if I get one more (fill in the blank), he’ll leave me. I sure will miss him.” I left my dog, a rescued Chihuahua, with my former spouse. I couldn’t bring her across country to stay in someone else’s home. I sure missed her, though, maybe more than I missed my former spouse. She never got angry with me, and she was always glad to see me. She was peaceful and lowered my blood pressure, rather than the reverse. I wasn’t afraid of her.
I first tried to fill the pet void with a guard fish, a Beta that I named Red Alert. You just can’t pet a fish, though. So when I returned from a trip, and dropped into see my sister, who was volunteering at a pet adoption, my eyes landed on a fuzzy white blob of puppy asleep on a glass countertop, and I was smitten. When I found, ten minutes before the adoption closed, that she still hadn’t been chosen, I picked her up, and it was, as they say, history.
I passed the screening interview. I was approved at the home visit. I was a doggy mama! She was everything I was not looking for…a baby, a shedder, and an alpha pup. I love her. My little Swiffer puppy is perfect for me. She is sweet, funny, energetic, social, and very, very cute. People stop their cars on the street when we are walking to remark about how adorable she is.
Hattie is going to doggy school, so I can learn how to be the pack leader. She just graduated from her Puppy Class, and is enrolled to begin Intermediate Class. I am thinking about getting the training we need for her to become a therapy dog. She fills a void in my heart, and certainly has been therapy for me. Pets give something that no human can, unconditional love. When your spirit is broken, that is exactly what you need. It is what I needed in order to heal.


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