Art and intellect…


I learned to sew when I was a freshman in college so that I could have more clothes. I love color and everyday fashion, though I would never call myself fashionable. My roommate taught me to sew, and to this day, those lessons are among the greatest gifts I have ever received.
I once thought Art was drawing and painting. I can do fairly simple elementary “teacherish” types of drawing, but my real creativity has come forth in the Fiber Arts. (No, it is not a form of regularity; though creating with fibers has become habit forming for me.)
When I came back east, I thought, “I’ll have to go buy a cheap sewing machine. I’ll go nuts without my sewing machine.” But I was living in someone else’s house, and I just couldn’t take over and spread out all my sewing stuff. So I bought $100 worth of yarn, and began crocheting afghans for the kids.
There is something very soothing about the mundane work of crocheting, knitting, hand spinning, crafting with paper, and similar types of art. Your mind can wander and you think. Thinking freely lets you come to terms with parts of yourself. Issues can be resolved, affirmations repeated, plans made, prayers said, character strengthened.
Mynew town is abundant with art opportunities, and in learning my new community, and in my quest to find my niche, I have begun taking classes at one of the local art schools. I am exploring different media, and though I haven’t found any hidden talents, it is good to create something besides misery and havoc, and learning is power.
Go forth and find your power.


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