Sports makes me tired…


It is the day after Thanksgiving, the day the entire country focuses on two things…food and football.  Actually, both of those make me tired. 


The best part of Thanksgiving for me is going to Mass and being with people I love and care about.  Then the second best is the walk after dinner.  The worst part is the football.  Watching overweight and overdressed tattooed men run up and down a big long field chasing a ball that is not really a ball is an enigma to me.


But then I should not judge.  These men are making piles of money that go back into our depressed economy to provide jobs for many people, including jewelers and carpet cleaners.  That is a good thing.  Another good thing is the Samaritan works some of these men and their families do for those in need.  A lot of them give back to the community by raising millions of dollars.  How nice is that?


So even though Sports makes me tired, I guess I am not as tired as those guys are after a big game viewed by millions of people on national television.   And it gives the rest of us a reason to go take a good walk.


About Horton Hears Herself

Here I am, listening to myself for the first time in my life! I like what I am hearing, most of the time. This time of listening to myself, discovering myself, and learning how to have my dream life is a rocky path with surprises, good and bad.

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