Namaste… it represents the Divine spark in each of us that is located in the heart…


About 30 years ago, my teacher friends and I used to “feel the burn” to Jane Fonda’s LP in one of the classrooms at school on Monday afternoons.  We were all young then, and way more flexible than I am now.  One member of the group had been practicing yoga for a long time, and offered to teach the rest of us, so we added another after school afternoon to our schedules, and learned “the cobra” and “the salute to the sun” poses.  Then winter holidays, meetings, classes, and life filled up our afternoons, and thus my yoga education ceased.

A year ago, my former spouse and I had the opportunity to take a weekly yoga class, and we jumped on it.  Our instructor was a woman with a lilting accent from South Africa.  She labeled all the poses as we learned them, and each class was spontaneous and unique.  After an hour and a half that turned into two hour sessions, we were stretched and at peace with each other and the world for the only time during the week that we would be.

When I came east, I brought a video made by our teacher.  The one and only time I followed the video, I cried so hard at the sound of her voice, I had to stop.  It put me right back next to my former spouse, so I packaged it up, and sent it back for him to use.  Then I joined the Y, and began “gentle yoga” classes.  We meet 3 days a week, have a regular and predictable routine to follow, and our instructor moves us through the poses with no names, including some ballet, and extra balance poses.

At the end of the session, our relaxation, or shavasan, helps us to empty our minds and move into some peaceful meditation.  My first experiences with this a year ago frequently left me with tears streaming.  I felt the companionship of the strangers around me, the loss of my former lifestyle, and the helplessness of a suspended existence.  Today in class my meditation included a reflection on the changes I have experienced in my entire being this past year, and felt amazed and humbled by my progress.   May your year end as mine is ending…with positive changes, hope, and thanksgiving.  Nameste.


About Horton Hears Herself

Here I am, listening to myself for the first time in my life! I like what I am hearing, most of the time. This time of listening to myself, discovering myself, and learning how to have my dream life is a rocky path with surprises, good and bad.

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  1. Debby,
    Linda sent me your Nameste post because I love my yoga class! I felt you should know I was reading your post, and opened up your whole thing and realize I can read them….asking if that is okay with you?
    It touches me very much that as you heal yourself, you are sharing so much, so openly. You know I think that helps us all.

    I am going to work with Jane Reiley Jan-May in the a.m.s and I will MISS my yoga class VERY much. Maybe will look for an afternoon one, but I know you understand how attached one becomes to the person, the voice that encouraged being in touch with this heart of us.

    Heart to heart, Deb, may we Delve into 2012, wholeheartedly… (the only word I can apparently rhyme with twelve :>).

    Today is Holy Innocent’s Day, the Children’s Day, the 3rd Day of Christmas in some traditions.
    I listened to a CD by Paul Galbraith, guitar (held and plucked like a cello) of Debussy’s The Children’s Corner. Find and listen if you can. Soothing. Beautiful.


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