The year of magical drinking…


With a nod to Joan Didion, I have had a pretty extreme year, though not quite as tragic as hers.  Ms Didion lost both her daughter and husband suddenly to death in the same year.  She wrote a book called The Year of Magical Thinking… she kept hoping her grief was all a dream.
For me, this has been a year of magical drinking.  My drinks of choice are red wine and Margaritas.  Mostly I’ve been drinking wine this year because I have this thing about buying booze.  In my state, alcohol is sold in the ABC store.  ABC stands for Alcoholic Beverage Control.  It’s a hold-over from the Bible Belt Blue Law days of Post-Prohibition.  When I was in high school and college, 18 year-olds could drink 3.2 beer and Boone’s Farm and Ripple wine.  You had to be 21 to go into the ABC Store, and so I didn’t.  It’s that rule following thing.
For some reason, even though I am well over 21, I still have this stigma about ABC Stores.  In the other states I’ve lived in, I could buy booze in the grocery.  It was more like buying food; therefore, in my mind, tequila, though good calories, isn’t the pharmaceutical that wine seems to be.   I only drink for medicinal purposes…my heart, you know, and the recently established medical benefit to drinking red wine… two glasses a day help women avoid gaining weight.  Hey!  I’m all over it!
 So my year of magical drinking…I lost both my husband and home in the same year. (Well, I left them.) My mother died this past week, and I am still processing what that means.  I started all over again, later in life, in a new place, making new friends and reconnecting with old ones.  I am on my own, and that means it’s up to me to face faucet repairs and tax prep, both impossibly mind boggling.   However, my difficulties this year are minor compared to others, and my life is falling together more so than I ever dreamed.  I am still reinventing myself, and it is a project, for sure.  Magically, that seems fun, though I don’t recommend it for everyone.  Drink, in moderation, has helped: my weight is good and my heart is a lot stronger!  So is my faith, and that is the best medicine.   A glass or two of wine can help you sleep. Wine can put a rosy glow on the end of the day.  That’s sort of magical. 
I raise my gold-rimmed Spode wineglass to the New Year.  May the next one bring good health and magic, and may sweet dreams come true for everyone.  Cheers to all who care! 

About Horton Hears Herself

Here I am, listening to myself for the first time in my life! I like what I am hearing, most of the time. This time of listening to myself, discovering myself, and learning how to have my dream life is a rocky path with surprises, good and bad.

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  1. I agree Deb! Hold the red wine glass high! “Cheers to all who care” or those we care about! You have been through a lot this past year and have rallied through it remarkably!! You have the strength to continue. God speed to your Mom. And God bless to you! Love you, Mary

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