Unanswered prayers…


I am sure you remember that song Garth Brooks wrote and performed about thanking God for unanswered prayers.  I don’t believe there are any unanswered prayers.

For over a year now, my prayers have been answered.

I asked for help with my husband.  My prayers were answered when my former spouse gave me a final reason to leave.  My help was not along the line I was thinking, but it certainly was help and a way out.

I asked for help with a solution to where to stay when I left.  My brother asked me to come and help his family by staying with the children while he and my sister-in-law went to China to get their fifth child.

I asked for protection and good health for the four children and me when their parents were in China.  We only used one band-aid in two weeks, and no one even got the sniffles.

I asked for the ability to buy my tiny house, and I was approved for a mortgage and closing was a day early, in this economy.  Even with a broken right hand, I was able to sign all the papers.

I asked for my constant tears to dry up.  They have.  I no longer cry easily at kindnesses shown me.

I asked for my divorce to go through without my former spouse holding things up.  It did, and he didn’t.

I asked for inspiration and motivation for my writing.  A blogging workshop was offered at the Central Library; I attended, and came home to begin blogging forty-four posts ago.

I asked that my mother not suffer in her final days.  She didn’t.

I don’t believe in unanswered prayers, and I don’t think this happens for just me.  I think this happens over and over again for anyone who pays close enough attention.   I am paying very close attention.


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