A waxing crescent moon…


The moon has always had a pull.  When I taught, I could always tell when the full moon was in evidence.  I didn’t really understand the moon, or think about it too much until I began to teach children about its phases.   I love the names waxing, waning, gibbous or pregnant moon.  I love watching the light grow and shrink. 

I am out in the dark a lot these days.  If I am not walking to morning Mass, I am pottying my pup.  When I looked at the sky the last few darkness moments, I reveled in the joy of seeing the waxing crescent moon.  She is like a slightly tipped bowl, ready to spill out something delicious.

I have seen some beautiful moons all over our earth.  I marveled that the Australian phases are opposite of those in my Northern Hemisphere.  Our waxing is their waning.  I stood and watched the largest most magnificently golden moon grow right up out of Lake Michigan one summer evening. 

These moon experiences were with my former spouse.  I am grateful for each one of those memories.  It’s a gift to be noticing the moon once again.


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