My mother’s arms are around me…


One of my most precious final memories of my mother was me crawling into her hospital bed next to her.  She put her arms around me, and I put my head against her breast and sobbed.  I knew that very shortly, there would be no Mother to hold me, comfort me, and love me.

So today it began to snow, at first flurries, and then later big wet flakes.  It was cold, and I dressed in sweats, boots, a big warm jacket, and took my pup out for her “constitutional.”  I felt warm and joyful.  The street was pristine, and only our footprints shown in the reflective streetlight.  I realized that every item of clothing I was wearing was once my mother’s. 

My sister had bought the jacket I was wearing.  She told me she wanted our mother to be warm, and she knew that I could wear it, and be warm.  I had bought the boots for Mom, for the same reason.  The sweats, well everyone knows sweats are the ultimate comfort wear.  Who knows who bought them, but who cares?

My mother’s arms are around me tonight.  The snow still falls.  The footprints left by me and my pup have been filled in by the freshly falling snow, and tomorrow it will be a BIG NEW DAY.


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