Ditch flowers…


I’ve been in Wisconsin so long, I’ve seen the season change by way of ditch flowers. Ditch flowers are the weeds and wildflowers that grow…well…in the ditches alongside the roads. When I first got here, the roads were lined with a fairy-like flower I would call Stocks, but the locals call them Sweet Rockets. They grew in hues of pink, and were lacy and delicate, and then they were gone.
Now, Batchelor Buttons of blue have replaced the Stocks, and so have the tall pale yellow of Wild Mustard that burns like Poison Ivy if you touch it. I was warned and not tempted. In some areas, I’ve noticed cat tails and Queen Anne’s Lace, my personal favorite. I’ve seen the pink of Milkweed, and the orange Tiger Lillies are opening along the road banks.
Nature partners compatible colors…the blues with yellows and oranges, the pinks and purple clover with white Morning Glory trumpets. Thistles are about to pop open. Wheaty-like grasses welcome the goldfinches, and a russet millet-type cascade of seed stems on a tall stalk will become more food for my wild birds.
I once asked a horticulturist how I could tell weeds from the good plants, and she told me, “Weeds are plants that are growing where you don’t want them to grow.”
I love the changing ditch flowers. They’ve marked the passage of time of my visit, and as this time comes to a close, I relish the colors, shapes, and purposes of the ditch flowers which I now refuse to call weeds. They make me happy, and what else would anyone want to see growing randomly, anyway?


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  1. Hollihocks. I love them! They are not weeds, but only a favorite of few. I should throw seeds this fall into the ditch and show off their beauty for years to come. Great Blog Deb!!! XOXO

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