Okay, so I admit it, we were into at least the bottom of the first bottle of wine, maybe the second (lost count), when my sister’s BFF told us about  It sounded like a great idea at the time, but being more conservative, I decided to go with eHarmony.  I began with a lot of help from my sisters and their friend.

Really, it was a bit obsessive on my part, but everybody had gone to bed, and I was still answering questions and had, oh, 700 more to go.  Seriously.  I mean, you want some commonalities.  That’s why you pay the bucks, but really?  Over 700 questions?  Who thinks these things up?  And if they get paid to write the questions, sign me up!

Now, I waited for my “Matches!”  After three days, I still had…none.  Am I such a loser?  Apparently.  So I called, and trying to sound light-hearted, I asked, “Am I such a loser?”

“No,”  I was told by the nice man.  I had a few qualifiers that narrowed down the field for me.  (Catholic, age, and distance)  Did I want to change anything?

So I did.  I changed Catholic to Christian, and distance from 30 miles to 60 miles.  The one I really wanted to change was age (mine), and dang!  NO changing that!  I really don’t want 40 year-old “Matches.” 

Now, “Matches” began to pop up right and left.  Well, mostly left.  There were actually ten men in my state’s third and fifth largest cities who seemed on paper, to be somewhat compatible with me.  Wow.

I am at home now, away from the scrutiny and encouragement of two-thirds of my sisters.  I have emailed with a couple of these men, and right now, the good old-fashioned way of meeting someone seems most appealing to me.

Excuse me, now.  I think I’ve got a carton of Blue Bunny Moose Tracks in my freezer.  I know I’ve got a jar of chocolate sauce.


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  1. Debbie,
    As always your blog was delightful! I really had a belly laugh about the ice cream!

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