Summer smells…


I used to be the “go to” person in my school for brain research theory and brain-based learning.  So, today when I walked out into the early summer morning, and felt the heaviness on my skin, and smelled the air, I knew which part of my brain was responsible for the feelings those smells evoked.

It’s the Limbic System that is often referred to as the “emotional brain.”  This is an area buried within the cerebellum,  that convoluted section of brain, which connects smells with memory and emotion.  I used to say my students would remember me whenever they smelled Ben Gay muscle ointment, but really, we all have memories that pop forward when we smell particular odors.

Summer mornings are cut grass and plant life, thick air, and heavy dew, all so richly organic and dirt-ishI love summer…heat, sweat, smells, and all.


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  1. Me too but this summer has posed some challenges. Kent moved his fingers today!! The emotional
    best news of the summer!! Love you!!

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