A naming contest…


I have a tiny house. In back of my tiny house, I have an even tinier house. The tinier house is a garden shed, of sorts. I am not sure what the original purpose was. It has insulation, dry wall even on the ceiling, three paned windows, a concrete floor, electricity, and shelving. There is no water, heat, or cooling.

I painted the door red to match the doors of my house. My lake friends built and installed window boxes for two of the windows, and I planted them with thrillers, fillers, and spillers. It looks darling from the outside.

My real house is so tiny, I don’t have a workroom for sewing, weaving, and now clay. I can’t shut a door and walk away from projects in progress, and visible, lingering clutter distrupts a deep inner part of me.

The tiny, tiny house was a big attraction when buying my home, and I intend to eventually make it my “studio.” Which now brings me to the “naming contest.” Studio sounds too high-flown to me. I don’t consider myself an artist, and I feel awkward referring to this space as a studio. So I am asking for help in the naming of my tiny, tiny house and future workspace…all suggestions are welcome. The “winner” gets the satisfaction of being the chosen wordsmith. Let the game begin! And thanks.


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  1. Deb, as someone who’s had similar “‘i’m not an artist – so i don’t deserve a studio” feelings, i eNcOuRaGe you to name, claim, celebrate and USE your new STUDIO. just sayin’…

  2. Deb – I love words! So while I was falling asleep last night, I started thinking about your contest. I have many ideas: atelier – French for studio or workshop; casita – original meaning is a small crude dwelling forming part of a shantytown; sanctuary – a place of refuge; cottage out back; hideaway; bungalow; workshop; playhouse and of course you could always have YOUR studio 🙂

  3. I was going to suggest you call it your house of refuge but I really love the first comment and agree that you are worthy of a studio. But if you do choose to name it think your second commente er also love the suggestions in the second commenter had some great ideas too my favorite was cottage out back! No matter what you call it, enjoy it and love it and love who you are in it!!

  4. New idea – how about S.T.U.D.I.O. = Space To Unleash Deb’s Inner Offerings/Opportunities or some acronym. And my last suggestion is Creative Cottage!

  5. Hi Deb……..
    I took some time this morning to read ALL your posts (I didn’t have the opportunity to see them all originally) and this one caught my eye! My thought: “Deb’s Den” or “The Shop”

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