Bluebirds, tomatoes, and beans…


Along my property line, separating me from my closest neighbor, is a wooden fence. There is a strip of dirt about 24 inches wide, and then my driveway. On the grassy area between the street and fence beginning, my sister built me a raised garden bed. I painted it black to match my window boxes, and I planted one tomato plant and some green beans, which are now climbing up a chair back that I plunged into the dirt.
I love this whole little area, and have nailed two bluebird houses to my fence. I am not sure how she found my tiny place, or why she chose one of my “rooms” in which to nest. Maybe it was the bank of Black-eyed Susans, or maybe it was the refreshing spray of water that appears once a day that make these accommodations attractive to her.
I’m also not sure she is entirely happy with her choice. She flies out of her nesting box everytime I bang out the kitchen door, or pull into the drive. I feel like I’m causing her distress, and that she’ll abandon her babies, but so far she returns to try another day.
Seeing my very own tomatoes ripen, my beans bloom, and “my” bluebird stick around is just more of summer for me to love. They make my tiny house just more of a refuge in which I live, heal, and grow.


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