The bluebird of unhappiness…


Don’t piss off a momma bluebird.  She will not be happy.  Hattie and I did just that this morning.  We didn’t mean to.  Actually, I took pains to try not to.  (I am very good at trying not to piss off anyone.  Just an aside, but I tiptoed around the mercurial moods of my former spouse for 34 years, so I have had a lot of practice.)

Anyway, I found one of the baby bluebirds from the nest box on my fence.  He had made a grand escape.  I am sure he was thinking, “Dang!  Now what have I done?”  I took a few photos, and kept Hattie in.

Several hours later, I looked out to see no baby, so I released my puppy, who promptly found Baby Bluebird huddled tightly in the corner of the step.

Game on!  She snatched up the baby, and ran a merry chase with me yelling, “Leave it!” and her not leaving it.  Momma Bluebird began chattering and dive-bombing us!  There were several drops and snatch-and-runs around the yard.  Picture it.  It was a YouTube moment without a videographer.  Finally, I caught Hattie by the collar, and got her in the house.

Momma Bluebird continued her fly-bys.  Baby, unhurt, but no doubt permanently traumatized, huddled once again by a step.

Now woman and dog were both confined to quarters, while the birds recovered, regrouped, and went into rescue and return-to-nest mode.   I took the time for several serious Leave it Lessons, and somehow Baby got back to the nest.

I expect it won’t be too many days before all the babies fly away.  I feel certain these premises won’t get a glowing recommendation.  Too bad.  We’re really nice, and Hattie’s a much better citizen now that she knows “Leave it” means “Stop and drop it,” too.


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