The mist, crickets, and quiet…


I am amazed at how bombarded I am by sound. Because I am a morning person, and always have been, I was up before light one morning. I fixed my coffee, and went out to my deck to drink in the arrival of the day.

It had rained in the night, so I wiped down my chair, brought out the cushions, poured my coffee, and sat. I am actually not at all good at sitting. I am usually up and down pretty much constantly. I see something, get up to adjust it, then see something else. I am the joke about Age-onset Adult ADD.

But it was dark outside, so early was I this morning, and I couldn’t see anything that would distract me. I sat and listened to the quiet sounds, astonished that I have missed this experience, so far.

First, I noticed the steady drips from the raindrops off the leaves of the trees. Then the cricket chirps joined the drips. Joining the drips and chirps were the songs of the cicadas. They have a sound related to cricket chirps, but louder and more staccato. It was as if the sounds began one-at-a-time, though what was actually happening was that my awareness was growing. I literally formulated the thought, “I am hearing more sounds in this quiet.”

Listening is something I’ve really been practicing. The not-so-quiet was a perfect way to begin the day, but I didn’t wait for the sounds of birds and squirrels that would have come with the daylight. What I thought was heavy dew became mist, and then rain, which drove me inside. The white noise of civilization has nothing on nature!


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