And they called it puppy luh-uh-uhve…


It was Paul Anka who sang that song. I heard him live in Las Vegas, once. But I’m talking about my puppy, Hattie, and her love, Elvis. Yes. I said Elvis.

Hattie is currently in love with Elvis, and it is true love (for now). Elvis, as you know, is a hunka burnin’ love. Hattie is not frolicking with a ghost, though, but my friends’ red Vizsla, named, and I am not kidding, Elvis’ Hunka Burning Red Love, and he is hot!

Hattie and I went back to my college town to spend the weekend with my college friends and their dog. While we humans enjoyed our time walking, eating great food, drinking good wine, and talking till everyone’s ears were bleeding, Hattie and Elvis where romancing. She pulled out all her blond, feminine tricks. She nibbled his ears, kissed his face, and rolled over on her back, batting her front paws in the air. Elvis reciprocated in the same fashion.

He’s older, so he wore out quicker. When Elvis was done playing the part of Cassanova, he’d hide behind his daddy’s head on the couch. Hattie would then entice him back for more rolls and snuggles after his rest. The doggies were boon companions for four days and an endless source of entertainment to us people when we were resting our jaws.

There’s nothing like puppy love. Sometimes, you just can’t help falling in love, and Elvis is certainly “crush-worthy.” Heck. I fell in love with him myself, but they wouldn’t let me bring him home, too.


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  1. This is great. Elvis is sulking around since Hattie left. We sure enjoyed your visit. We will have to get them together again soon.

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