Walking in the rain…


Exercise is a great thing, but sometimes a person can just be foolish about it. That was me with my college friends when I visited them. They have an enviable routine, and I was eager to join them.

They take their dog, Elvis, drive to their town’s riverside green-belt, walk three to five miles, and end at the dog park. They’ve been doing this so regularly they were interviewed for a promotional video-clip by the city. Everyone knows them…well, Elvis…by name, and they have regulars they meet when they walk.

Hattie and I were very happy to share their walking experience when we visited for the weekend. Wouldn’t you know it, but it rained when we got up our first morning. After checking the Internet to see when the rain was going to stop, we struck out around noon. I loved seeing the foliage, the river, and walking their path. Hattie loved pulling me along. At the far end of the walk, however, the sky broke open, and we stood under a magnolia tree from maximum available protection during the downpour.

None of us had money with us. Heck, two of us didn’t even have pockets! So, we couldn’t go get a cup of coffee and wait out the rain. And, we had the dogs. We thought about sending Elvis to get the car, but he isn’t reliable in the midst of squirrels, which would distract him from getting back to us. So, we decided just to walk on. Hey. We weren’t going to get any wetter!

It was a great walk…good company, good scenery, good exercise…and while the humidity was high, the temperature was comfortable. That we were too foolish to come in out of the rain was a moot point.


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