Cowboys in the Bar…


When I visited my friends, they took me to a darling place called Cindirine’s Emporium.  The owner has created a unique environment.  It is a shop that sells nicely displayed chairs, boutique beers and wines, local original art work, and some craft-type items. 

There are tall pub-style tables and barstools, low upholstered chairs and side tables, and a bar you can belly up to.  This place is not really a Bar.  It is a gathering and tasting place.  On Friday evenings, people who have discovered this gem-of-a-spot, drop in to have a taste and chat it up.  The owner is the ultimate host.  He circulates, talks to his guests, introduces new people to other patrons, and makes everyone feel welcome.  Because of the casual cocktail party atmosphere, customers mingle and talk with pretty much everyone.

When the three cowboys of Eastern Carolina (in chaps and spurs) entered, my friend and I popped out back to pet their horses.  I’d experienced this phenomenon when I lived out West, but I was pleasantly delighted to see the cowboys ride to the Bar, here, fifty miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

It was fun to see the horses, hot and sweaty as they were.  It was a surprise to see the cowboys, here, in the Bar, but the best was Cindirine’s Emporium…a drop-in; everyone is welcome, friendly, Friday evening gathering place.  It’s an amazing concept, established by a former math teacher with the right personality to pull it off, and I’m sad that I live too far away to be a regular.  I envy those who are.


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