It’s fall, y’all…


Today marks the official beginning of autumn.  Well, not the Official official, because that comes September 21.  But in my mind…

This is why it is my official beginning.  My AC is off.  My windows and doors are open.  The humidity is low, and so is the low temperature of the day.  Today it was in the mid-fifties.  I actually shivered!  And the high today is expected to be less than eighty degrees.  That was my measure of summer relief back in the 1970’s when I lived in NC, and I’m bringing it back in this life.

I already noted in a previous past that the leaves have started to turn.  Now, I restrain from picking up the red, orange, and golden maple leaves off the ground.  I have an undetermined species of tree in my front yard that is already completely bare.  She dropped her dry brown leaves all through August, and they’ve long since been mulched into the grass.

Yep.  It’s fall.  I’m ready.  I’ll miss those ‘mater sammies, though.


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