Big Bang Theory…


Barenaked Ladies sing the theme song of this sitcom.  For the first four months after I moved into The Tiny House, I didn’t have cable or satellite TV.  My sister loaned me Season One of The Big Bang Theory so I didn’t have to feel so alone, and I was hooked.

I’d heard of this show from my dear friend with whom I’d carpooled for 13 years, but I’d never watched it.  My former spouse didn’t believe in sitcoms, and he was in charge of the remote.  (He didn’t believe in dishwashers or God, either, but those are other stories.)

As it turned out, I loved this show!  It made me laugh, and boy, did I ever need the healing power of laughter.

Fast forward to now.  I still love this show, but what I’ve really noticed is how I feel when I hear Barenaked Ladies sing the opening lines, “Our whole universe was in a hot dense state…”  Feelings are all connected with the limbic part of the brain.  I wrote about that once before.  It’s our emotional center, and I am more than ever aware of this physical process.

When I hear, “Math, science, history, unraveling the mystery,” I feel light, a teensy scared and excited, eager, and a teensy in love with Sheldon.  Besides the Sheldon part, I am reminded of how I began to recover ME, how far I’ve come, and how healing laughter is, even if it is laughing over the nerdy antics of four goofy scientists, math jokes (as if maths were ever funny), and relationships gone awry.

Barenaked Ladies will always be a part of this stage of my life, and I’ve begun to develop some of my own theories.


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