Stop the clock!


You know how every now and then, you’d like to time to freeze?  I call those moments “memory photos.” 

Here is a bit of the back-story…I have three half-sisters.  Two sisters are my dad’s other girls, and one is my mom’s other daughter.  I am the oldest.  One of my life’s desires was for my sisters to meet each other, and that happened when I moved east, and my life opened up.

My closest-in-age sister is visiting me from Wisconsin, and we went with Sister Number 3 to hang out.  Number 3 took us to “her” park to share her special place with us, and to walk off a really good lunch.

The weather was picture perfect.  The day was crisp and sunny.  The leaves on the trees were autumnal…gloriously colored against our Carolina blue sky.  We wandered through the park, and landed in a peripheral memorial area.

The three of us sat in a wonderfully crafted iron swing, and I was the filling of a sister sandwich.  Receiving love is something I’ve been working on.  A year ago, I would have been overwhelmed and in tears.  Now, I  soak up the love. Now, I rejoice in these moments. And now, I have a new life’s desire…that Sister Number 2 can join us one day.  I felt the hole of her missing self. 

My dream is that one day, the four of us can squeeze on one bench, and I will be surrounded by my sisters.  Then I will say, “Oh!  Stop the clock!”


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