“Laugh often,


Loud and long.  Laugh until you gasp for breath.”

We were sitting at my kitchen table, when Sister Number 3 said something so funny, that I laughed so hard I choked.  We are still trying to remember what it was that made me laugh so hard. Good thing Sister Number 1 is a nurse, and I actually think she was ready to intervene when I contained myself.  We come from a long line of shallow breathers.  This is something else that made us laugh.  How ridiculous is that? 

Time spent with my sisters this past week was precious, and I have had many precious experiences in the past few weeks.  They are planning my future relationships for me, and here are some of their plans…

  1.  I should meet a welder or blacksmith.  I can do this by taking a welding class.  I could use an iron fence for my yard at my tiny house.  A welder could be manly.  He would have a useful skill, and possibly an artistic and creative side which would match mine.
  2. If the welder doesn’t work out, I could meet a plumber.  Guess how that would happen.  Yes, I could take a plumbing class.  I wrote before about my experiences hiring a plumber, but I tend to agree with Sister Number 2.  Sometimes it is just easier to pay the plumber.
  3. They thought a lawyer would be a handy person to know.  That is not gonna happen, though.  First, I do not want to take a class in Law, and second, if it doesn’t work out, I don’t want to be…well, you know.

My sisters are all the best, ever.  Laughing with them this week was truly wonderful.  They have some great ideas.  I am going to listen to them, but I am going to live my own life, look for opportunities to laugh long and loud and until I can’t breathe, and let God do the planning.


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