I’m back in the saddle, again…


The bicycle saddle, that is! 

I rode my bike over a mile today.  That’s not much by my old standards, but seeing as how I’ve only actually been on my bike once in two years, and seeing as how that one ride was a distance of about 3 feet, and seeing as how I used to ride 7 miles a day, and seeing as how I used to ride every single day, no exceptions, a one mile ride is very, very significant!

Bike riding was an important part of my past life.  My bike, an Electra Twiggy—Levi blue in color, was an important part of my past life.  One of my classes gave her to me for Christmas in 2004.  I rode her several thousand miles before moving east.

Last week, my sister and I loaded her up in the car, tied down the trunk lid, and drove her to the bike shop for a tune-up.  Today, I walked to the shop, and rode the Twigster home…mostly uphill.  Though I’ll pay with sore muscles tomorrow, it feels good. 

Tick that one off.  Next, I may tackle the sewing gremlin by breaking out my sewing machine.  I am facing one demon at a time…check, check, and double check…no rush.  It’ll happen.


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  1. Debbie, I am so glad to get your blog and to know that you are riding your beautiful bike. I remember going to your room to see the gorgeous bike. Wow!! Soon all you demonds will disappear! Great Job!! MaryJean

    • Doggone it Debra, you’ve gone and made me laugh again! Where was Hattie while you were riding? Sounds like your sister is really good for you! I’m proud you are again riding! Buttercup is ready to see Hattie again though.And I want to hear more about all those miles you rode and more about your sister’s visit.

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