The power of power tools…


Who knew?   I’d never understood the attraction of expensive and dangerous power tools.  My former spouse had a lot of them, and even occasionally used them.

Now I am a convert!  I am the proud owner of a battery powered screwdriver/drill, a battery powered weed eater, an electric stapler, a gas lawn mower, and most recently, a leaf blower with a 100 foot orange electric drop cord.  Hoo-boy!  I love those things!

I can’t really say what comes over me when I start up one of these pieces of equipment, but I am literally empowered.   (Forgive the pun.)  I believe I can take on any project, or at least the one I am choosing to take on.  Discovering this feeling when I wield a power tool has been a big surprise, but I am owning it, and excuse me now.  My leaves need blowing.


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