Walkin’ the dog…


That was the name of a yo-yo trick. I never could do it with a yo-yo, and I could barely do it with my real dog, Hattie. She is the most over-schooled and disobedient dog in all captivity. I am not proud of it.

Her biggest walking flaw…pulling. I swear, she weights a whopping 14.4 pounds, and can drag me around our .4 mile block in less than 8 minutes, door-to-door. Seriously.

So, of course, I had to do something, and that something was to go directly to the “Dog Father.” This guy, named Don Sullivan, has an infomercial on TV, which I happened to catch one night. For less than the cost of a PetsMart obedience class, of which Hattie graduated from all with licks and jumps, I got a great training collar, some so far unwatched DVDs, and three nylon boat-line type leashes (or leads in dog training language.)

Okay, I did watch the pulling part of the DVD. And guess what? It works! Today, little Miss Hattie and I walked a pleasant mile. We stopped for a photo shoot under a beautiful tree. Hattie bounced through nearly every pile of raked leaves, curbside. My shoulder stayed put in its very own socket. Walking the dog was never so delightful.

Thank you, Dog Father.


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