Merry Christmas Adam…


Christmas Adam is the day before Christmas Eve, because Adam came before Eve.  Get it?  You just can’t have too many holidays, can you?

Christmas Adam is one of those limbo days.   You still have time to get ready for the “big day.”  Many of those little loose ends can be tied up, and those who wait until the last minute feel they still have plenty of time to finish preparations.

For me, I started a holiday project.  Suddenly, today, I wanted to cook and bake.  Hoo-boy.  So I have spent this Christmas Adam making cookies I will never eat and candy I will never taste.  Really, I never made candy before, anyway.  Where did this come from?

My mother was a terrible cook, and I say that in the most loving way, but she loved to make candy, and that she could do successfully.   I think I am missing my mother, and so to connect with her, I adopted her favorite holiday practice…making candy.  Today I made peanut clusters and peppermint bark.  Mom was “famous” for the peanut clusters, but the peppermint bark was just for me.  I bet Mom would have made it for me, if she knew how much I loved it.

It wasn’t a bad way to spend Christmas Adam.  Maybe next year, I’ll start earlier.  Maybe I’ll expand my repertoire, and make more types of cookies.  Maybe I’ll dig out more of Mom’s candy recipes to try.  I’m happy, though, for Christmas Adam, and it’s a good prelude for things to come.


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