My Christmas letter; A violet and a strawberry…


Do I live in paradise, or what?  This morning, I discovered a violet blooming.  It was huddled amidst frosted foliage on the ground.  And in the flower bed under my Dogwood was blush-pink, full-sized strawberry.  I am not sure this strawberry knew where it was, if its biological clock was off, or if it was just plain confused, but there it was…trying to ripen.

I planted six strawberry plants last spring in the first bed that I created in my front yard.  The original garden plan was to plant low, creeping plants near the edge of the bed.  Then I was supposed to build height toward the middle.  Oh, the plan verses the reality.   That is always a dilemma.  My little dog, Hattie, dug up all the strawberry plants but this one, lone survivor.  And now “she” is trying to bear fruit!

Meanwhile, the delicate violet, a weed to many, has flourished in my yard.  When I moved into my tiny house, I decided I was not going to put a lot of money into trying to cultivate a “lawn.”  I was going to let whatever ground cover take over, and mostly I have a yard of Creeping Charlie.  The violets, though, have remained, and have surprised me with a spot of color dotted around every now and then.  I never dreamed this phenomenon would continue all year long!

There’s a metaphor here, not to put too blunt a label on it.  I am blooming. Like my lone strawberry, I am a late bloomer. My life’s plan didn’t quite go as I expected, but the reality is proving to be surprising and beautiful, just the same.  I am not as delicate as I thought I might be, and like my violet, I struggle to stay in the mix of things.

May your coming year be filled with unique and meaningful surprises.  May you bloom, and may your struggles delight and surprise you.   May the love of the Season be with you and yours.  May you feel the joy and the bounty of Christ’s love.

Luceat Lux Vestra.

“Let your light shine.”


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  1. This is my favorite entry so far. I feel like I’m really getting to know you. Thank you for sharing, and may this new year be one where you fully discover your exquisite beauty.

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