Herding cats…


That’s what “teaching” three and four year-olds is like.  Think about it.

My teaching career spanned grades one through eight.  Notice, it did NOT include Kindergarten.  That was on purpose.  But now I find that my substituting “career” seems to focus on pre-schoolers!  They are ages 3 and 4.  Hoo-boy.

And I LOVE it!  These kids are a hoot.  I should have looked into this age group a whole lot earlier, but then that is SO me.  I always seem to find out the obvious a day late.  Here is the typical pre-school kid:

The little boys wear sweaters with alligators, snowmen, or trucks.

The little girls wear tutus.

Both genders wear cowboy boots.

The little boys race around on the playground kicking mulch.

The little girls run up ladder and down the slide.

Both genders tattle.

Both genders blurt out, show their owies, and talk about their moms.

Both genders hug each other and everyone else.

Neither gender does anything they don’t want to, including walking instead of running, or stopping play to clean up.

A morning with pre-schoolers is like a full day with regular-school agers, or maybe longer.   But when I substitute in the pre-school, I get to paint, make paper snowmen, drop feathers and marbles in beads into a pan of water to freeze, and I get to read stories to them.   Then I get to go home before lunch, and take a nap.


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