Crackin’ nuts…


No, and don’t even go there, though I am sure that has been said about me.

This year the pecan crop at the Boys and Girls Home was a bumper.  Now, whether you say Pe-cahn or Pee-can makes no difference.  T hey crack and taste the same.  There are, however, several varieties.  Of course, I did not get the easy ones.

My Lake friends gave me two gallon bags of hard-shell pecans when I visited.  These shells are so hard, the folks there take them to the farm store to be cracked.  I didn’t have time to do that, so I bought a high-tech, heavy duty, very special nut cracker from my favorite hardware store there, and brought the whole lot home to crack.

There is something about hand work and food, no matter if it is shelling beans or, umm, cracking nuts.  So, during the languishing days of my cold, and with snow outside, I gathered the nutcracker, two bowls, and the two baggies of nut, and I spent two days cracking and shelling pecans.

First, I set each individual nut into the cracker, pulled the lever, and then plunked the cracked nut into a bag.  That took a while, and soon I learned the right amount of pressure to use so as not to crush and shatter the whole nut.   Then I set myself up in a spacious area, turned on my audio book, and got busy.

I found it to be satisfying work.  Some peeled easily, and the pecan halves stayed intact.  Others were stubborn, and the pieces of nuts crumbled and broke.  There is a bitter red filler that needs to be scraped out of the pecan grooves, and from between the double layer of nuts.  And that process varied in difficulty, as well.  I became compelled.  Even when my fingers and nails became blackened and sore, I powered through.  I would say to myself, “Two more and I’ll quit for a while.”  But half-an-hour later, I was still going.  I was kind of sad to see the second bag empty, in a strange sort of way.

I scattered the shells on my flower beds.  I baggied up the nuts, and I roasted a few for sprinkling in my morning cereal.  Now I have 3 quarts of pecans in my freezer.  I’m all set in case, in the near future, I want to go into the cookie making business.  I should be good for a few years, anyway.


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  1. How did you come up with such a lovepstory on nuts? Love the story. When do we get some candied pecsns? Yummy..I have several packs in my freezers too. Just in case!! Haha

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