Cooking for one…


One of my New Year’s Resolutions was that I was going to love myself enough to cook well for just me.  I may have gone a little overboard yesterday.

I have mixed feelings about cooking.  Long ago, as a novice, I wasn’t so keen to cook.  Things didn’t really turn out very well.  But, as with everything, after practice and fine-tuning, I enjoyed making new recipes, and experimenting with foods.  Then I sort of hit my stride, and I wasn’t afraid to tackle hard stuff.  If it didn’t turn out, I would either work on the recipe a little or move on to something else.

There were years of being in a rut, cooking the same standard favorites, and being bored with cooking.  Then, refreshed, I would perk up, and go about menu and meal planning with pleasure.  When I became single, I didn’t bother to cook for myself.  First, food was the last interest I had, and second, cooking for one is not that satisfying.  Oh, I would make my favorite grilled cheese sandwiches, and my favorite fresh tomato sandwiches during the tomato season, but sandwiches and canned soup were about it.

This year, during the holidays, I regained the desire to cook, and promised that I would care enough to cook for myself.  Now comes the second Friday in a row of being snow/icebound.  What could be a better way to occupy a cold, icky day, but to make a pot of soup, I ask you?  So, I cooked!  I made potato soup.  I made mashed potatoes with onions, garlic and cream cheese.  I made a chicken, rice, and green bean casserole, and I made a batch of caramelized onions.  Hoo-boy.

I slow cooked the chicken in my crock pot.  I used my Pampered Chef slicer for the onions and garlic.  I peeled potatoes, chopped celery, and I used my electric mixer for the smashed potatoes.   I was generous with butter and salt.  It takes over an hour to caramelize onions, so I set the timer, stood, and stirred.  I heated the oven to a room-warming 350 degrees for the casserole.  It was lovely.

As I was cooking, I knew that I would not be able to eat all that food.  I didn’t even want any of it except the potato soup.  I knew that I would have leftovers for weeks, possibly months.  I knew that most of the food wasn’t particularly healthy, but all of the dishes (except the caramelized onions) were comfort foods.  And I was comforted.


About Horton Hears Herself

Here I am, listening to myself for the first time in my life! I like what I am hearing, most of the time. This time of listening to myself, discovering myself, and learning how to have my dream life is a rocky path with surprises, good and bad.

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  1. YAY YOU! YAY for cooking “in the mood” YAY for freezers!

    Today it is RAINING all day, finally! .8 inches at 9 a.m. and more to come. So very glad. We are so dry.

    So…I have made soup for days, bean soup, tomato soup.

    Today eggplant and tomato mess cooked up and in the freezer, will add sauteed chicken and serve on pasta. Easy cooking! I like to take a little of this, a little of that. I hardly crack a recipe book anymopre. I DO look up a few recipes online and get IDEAS of what to use in something I think of….if I have it. I hardly EVER go get a spice or something The wealthy peasant : always an omelet, always some chard or something green to put IN it. I am just a little cottage person….and love it. Attached, the most recent visitor to the chickens!

    Be warm, be safe, be happy. K

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