My one enduring relationship…


I have learned a lot from my hair.  It is my one enduring relationship, lasting over my entire life.

A number of years ago, I made a clay mask as an art project with my students.  I poked holes all around the edge, and threaded varying lengths of tan raffia through the holes.  It hangs on the wall in my study, over my computer.   It’s called “It’s a Bad Hair Life.”

That philosophy pretty much summed it up for me in the years since I made my mask.  My hair never behaved the way I wanted it to, and I have spent my life in a struggle learning to cope with my mouse-brown, fine, once straight hair.  Left to do its own thing, I could easily pass for one of the young Beatles, probably Ringo, though it really wouldn’t make any difference.  My hair was not a “crowning glory.”

Now I find my hair changing on me!  With those new natural silvery “highlights,” my hair has become thicker and wavy!  What a surprise to find I can scrunch it, and it looks okay!  I can sleep on it, brush it in the morning, and go out in public without a hat.  How did this happen?

Now, I have to rethink my whole, Bad Hair Life philosophy.  I realize, through the years, my hair has taught me patience, sort of.  It has taught me acceptance, sort of, and it has sort of taught me humility.  I haven’t ever been able to successful learn understanding from my hair, but maybe that will come with time.   I am learning from my hair that things DO change, change is good, and if I apply these other lessons learned from my hair to my life, I will find aging to be a perk.  Go figure!


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  1. gray is the new blonde! Yay for us 🙂
    PS You had the starring roles in one of Dana’s college applic essays
    PSS How far are you from Duke University?


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