What is your superpower?


My brother has “recognized” a superpower for each one of his children.  One child’s is compassion, one’s is the ability to remember unimportant trivia, and one’s gift is the ability for quiet and individual, imaginative play.  When I was staying with his family, and because I had lost my sense of self during that time, I asked him to identify my superpower.  I can’t remember what he said, but it seemed to fit, and I was satisfied.

Now I am in a better place, emotionally, and I have recovered more of myself, and I can recognize what my own superpower is.   It is optimism.  Last week, an acquaintance observed, “You always look so happy.  Every time I see you, you seem to not have a care in the world.  Seeing you makes me happy.”  What a generous gift that was of her to give me, and a tribute to how far I have come from being the woman standing behind the pillar in church sobbing uncontrollably one Sunday morning!

Like everyone else, I do have cares, but I can find the best of any situation.  My brother said of me once, “If the ship was sinking, and we were standing in water, you would say, ‘At least we have plenty to drink.’”  It sounds kind of silly, but that is SO me.

If it is raining, I am happy for the plants.  If it is cold, I am grateful that it isn’t too hot, too early in the season.  If my dog chewed up a tissue, I’m glad it isn’t this morning’s paper.  If my hair won’t behave, I’m glad it’s cool enough to pop on a hat.  I am pretty much just a grateful person.

And why not?  I have plenty of food, more clothing than I need or can actually wear,  my tiny house, my faith, my health, my family and friends near and far/old and new.  Optimism is an incredible superpower.  I’m going to keep it.


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  1. I love this post Deb and I completely agree. You may be thousands of miles away but just reading how you can see the good in everything makes me smile and reminds me to do the same. I hope you have a lovely day and amazing week! 🙂

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