What we take for granted…


It is pretty amazing how some things just smack you in the head.  It would be interesting to know what I have missed.  For example, today I was flying low and slow.  That is a family expression that means I was not motivated or energized.  I have head cold.  It is cold outside this early spring day.  I slept in, something that rarely happens to me.

Along about noon, I gathered myself together to take my rather impatient Hattie on her daily walk.  We made our way around a figure eight of the small blocks where my tiny house is nestled.  That’s something I rarely do, either.  Mostly it is a long walk around several big blocks in the area, or it is a quick (less than ten minute) power walk around the basic block where I live.

I have a darling neighborhood and wonderful neighbors.  I don’t know most of them very well at all, but there is a lovely couple that watches Hattie for me when I need her kept overnight, and they just love her as if she were their own.  She recognizes their car!  So when they drove up the middle street toward us on our second pass, Hattie went crazy.  They stopped and we chatted about a newly thinned-out lot catty-cornered in back of my place, shade gardening, and their shade garden.  It was a sweet exchange.

Coming up my street, my corner neighbor was leaving, and she stopped to tell me that she was on her way to lunch with her high school friend.  She also mentioned she had come up to my house to visit, and I wasn’t home.  We remarked how “getting together” doesn’t happen unless you set a day and time, so we did just that.

On the last few yards to my driveway, it hit me (thus the smack in the head) that these two exchanges were “normal” for most people, and I have missed these types of events.  Whoa!  I have built up a life that includes friendly, warm neighbors.  I had taken for granted those types of exchanges in the past, and I didn’t realize I had missed the comfortable socialization with others and all it entails.   Now I seem to have that back!

I realized this was a change in status, and was glad to have recognized it, but I also wondered what moments I have failed to notice.  Then I saw the first bluebirds of the season fly up from my wooden fence to the power wire.  Hmmm.


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