One Woman Can…


That’s the motto of Mary Kay Cosmetics’ 50th Anniversary year.  Mary Kay Ash was a genius.  She believed in women, masterminded a company that is beyond compare, and shared her skills and faith into the future.  She surely was “one woman” who could.  She makes all the rest of us believe we can, too.

I am an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and for some reason, I have been shy about this new venture of mine.  There are a bunch of reasons for my insecurities.  For one, my former spouse would have totally discouraged me.  I don’t know why I still listen to his “voice.”  I’m working on not.

For two, I have never felt like I was a sales person.  Except, I “sold” a very innovative classroom configuration of three grades spending three years in the same room with the same teacher.  That program lasted for nearly two decades, and was something I believed in.

I believe in Mary Kay, too.  Women buy cosmetics and skin care products.  When they buy Mary Kay they get more than what they would get at the counter at Macy’s or the aisle in Walgreen’s.  They get a relationship with their consultant.  They get customized skin care and color.  Mary Kay customers get incredible value, often costing less than the counter products.  They get the finest technology from a company that cares for the environment, puts faith and family first, and gives a 100% money back guarantee.  They get home delivery.

The Mary Kay opportunity reinforces the professionalism I valued as a teacher.  It emphasizes appearance, attitude, and dependability, all qualities I also value.  With this opportunity, I will meet even more people, make friends, help women look and feel good, gain confidence, and maybe gain some further financial independence.  Being an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant is more that selling lipstick.  A little lipstick can go a long way, though.   I am one woman, and I can.

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