Hey Lady, wouja like to buy a car?


Well, it isn’t exactly like that, but more so than not.  Nearly the last physical tie to my old life, I am about to shed my car. I drive a Toyota Camry.  It is ten years old.  It has a zillion miles on it.  I am on the verge of feeling like I will have frequent repairs.  It’s possible I would not, but the uneasiness of that likelihood is inhibiting my activities.  Since I am alone, and don’t have a significant other to call if I break down, I felt like I should have new wheels.

So…following my brother’s suggestions, I started the process.  I did my homework on the Internet.  I found all the ratings.  I narrowed down the choices of makes and models by reliability and safety.  I read Consumer Reports, and I test drove a couple of my choices.

In doing all of that, I ended up being “courted” by several dealerships.  Oh, my dear.  If there is any direct sales group more aggressive than car salespeople, I don’t know who they would be.  I had many phone calls from dealerships who wanted me to come right in that very day (in the next few minutes, actually), and see if we could “work out a deal.”  For several days, I stopped answering my phone if the Caller ID read “Wireless Caller.”

Then, there were the offers.  I told one salesman what I wanted to pay.  My nephew, on hearing me relate this, said, “Good job, being assertive, Aunt Debby.”  As if.  Later, this same man gave me a “deal” that had my head spinning.  It was indeed, double talk.  I finally told him I was going to hang up.  His dealership is still calling me.  Hoo-boy.  Good thing for encouragement for being assertive.

Good news is that I have sold my old car!  I told my neighbor about my quest, and she connected me with a family in search of a car with fewer miles (everything is relative, isn’t it?), and they are buying my Toyota!  I will be without wheels in a week.  I am not in a rush to get my new car, and I am actually a bit excited about not having a car for whatever time it takes to get the car I want at a realistic and fair price.  It will be an opportunity.  I am certainly learning a lot.  Now excuse me while I dust off my walking shoes, stock up on groceries, and go answer one of those “Wireless Caller” phone calls.


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  1. Wow!!! You rock! May your straight shooting, research, and patient pace be reward ed d! With the right car, right price, right deal, right time. I am still driving the 97 Honda Paul made sure we had for getting on with. Repair guys rip me off…but tonight I have butcher paper, white, under the car to see if I REALLY have an oil leak. …learning…..

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