On, Wisconsin, On, Wisconsin…


I want to go back to college.  I want to go back with the confidence I have now, the physical stamina I had at 30, and with limitless funds.  I want to study, but not too much; hang out with friends; and have engaging discussions about changing the world.  I want to ride my bike around campus, walk up Bascom Hill, touch Abe’s toe for good luck, and sit inside the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery building among the trees in the winter.  I want to attend my classes in the newly remodeled Education building with the red doors that smells and feels like the big old school buildings I knew as a little girl.

All this was prompted by my niece.  She starts at UW-Madison in the fall, and she invited me to go with her and her mother to the orientation session and walking tour she was attending yesterday.  We couldn’t have had a better afternoon.  Though there was threat of rain, it never happened, and we had mild temperatures, sunshine, and a couple of guides that radiated with enthusiasm.  We walked from one end of campus to the other and back.  We asked questions, sat in classrooms, and observed the varying architecture.

My actual college years were good.  My schooling since has been full and rewarding.  I have accomplished a lot with my education.  That’s why I loved yesterday so much.  I really don’t want to go back, though.  I just want to imagine and remember.


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