I guess I’m a farm girl, now…


Not everything on the farm is red barns and green fields.  Some of the life isn’t life at all.  This morning I buried my sister’s old one-eyed, rescued weiner-dog, named Sophie.  I didn’t know it would be so hard.  I went over to feed, expecting the worst.  I am dog sitting, and Sophie wasn’t doing well at all.  She was gone when I got there.  After wrapping her up, a trip to Dad’s for a shovel because I couldn’t find one at either sisters’, I started digging.  That part was physical, but it wasn’t the hardest part.  I can dig a hole.  It was saying good-bye to a good little dog, and knowing that it is inevitable for us all.
I saved a kitty’s life, and buried a dog this summer.  I raked grass for cattle, chased a steer, and helped fence a pasture.  I guess I’m a farm girl.

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  1. You did it!! Good job! I know how hard farming can be because I was raised as a farm kid. Life was tough but you are right. Putting a family dog to rest is very hard and you accomplished that along with the many tasks. You are officially a Farm Girl in WI!! Have a safe trip home and we do miss you here in NC!! HUGS

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