Playing Flower Shop…


She delivers flowers in a 1970 VW Bug with eyelashes, and her business name, “Flowers by Kim” (along with flowers, of course), is splashed across its nose.  She is my wickedly smart, intuitive, beautiful, creative, and huge-hearted sister-in-law.  One of the many highlights of my Wisconsin stay, has been going to her place in Monroe each week to play flower shop.
At “Flowers by Kim,” I have learned to make bows, wrap pots, green the vases, soak oasis, make wreaths, repot living plants, wire and wrap roses, and even design small arrangements.  She has her shop in her home, and is busy all the time.  She runs the entire operation herself, and she allowed me to stand next to her, and then assist her as she worked. Spending this time with Kim has taught me a lot, but most of it has not been about being a florist. 
More often than it occurs to us, people are put into our lives at exactly the right time and to the exact degree that matters.  Kim inspires me to examine my dreams and goals, to be strong, and to keep my eyes open.  Much of the way she runs her business applies to other aspects of life.  So going forward, I want to remember lessons learned from playing Flower Shop at “Flowers by Kim”…some things need time to open up; ordinary things can become extraordinary with the right arranging;  a bow can make all the difference in being good or being complete; and if it doesn’t look good to me, it doesn’t look good to anyone else.  

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