My own little patch of paradise…


I sat out on my deck in the early morning darkness, with my kitten on my lap, and watched the day begin to come.   I love that.  It is still, at first.  Then the birds begin to twerp, first one, and then an answer, and before you know it, there’s a small concert.

I have been home from my folks’ for a month, now.  The day my sisters delivered me back, we all walked around the yard and looked at my plantings.  Most everything survived, as it was a very rainy spring.  I missed my Hollyhocks blooming, but there were some remnants…white, pink, and the deep dark reds that we all love.  My hydrangea was in the full glory of her big blue clusters.  It was good to be home.

I have been “nesting” ever since.  I painted some furniture.  I assessed the work needing to be done to turn my tiny, tiny building out back into my crafts studio.  I moved furniture around, and then moved it back again.  I placed my Wisconsin-found treasures around, and re-placed them, and placed them again.  Then I ordered and installed, all by my own self, the new blinds that open up my tiny home, and make it brighter than ever.  Best of all, I carved out a new flower bed behind the studio-to-be, for a shade garden.

So, when I watched the daylight creep in, I let contentment settle over me.  I am grateful every single day for what I have, what I am able to do, and all those in my life who have nudged, pushed, and pulled me to this new place of my heart.


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  1. We are all very happy for you Deb, and we learn from you. Learning the pace of contentment is not so easy. Finding the way to create and rest, create and rest (like Nature) is a journey….a grateful one to be sure. Love, K

  2. I love your contentment and of course your commitment. Your stories make me happy. You are a JOY!! Can’t wait to see the new blinds and the new gardens. Jealous of the hydrangea!! Love you g/f!! Hugs

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