To Market, to market to buy…


Anything!  Once I read an article in a magazine about the ten best Farmers’ Markets in the entire, whole United States, and I had been to eight of them!   I just love me a Farmers’ Market!  I don’t know exactly what it is.  Maybe it’s just that a Farmers’ Market is a feast for the eyes!  Anyway, they are almost my all time favorite places to go.


So, imagine my delight to find four really good Farmers’ Markets right here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  I’m going to tell you about each of them.  The biggest is the Sandy Ridge Market in Greensboro, which just happens to be opened year ‘round.  There are three huge pavilions, one of which is almost entirely devoted to plants.  I have been three times since I returned from Wisconsin, and I bought some really great and different plants for my shade garden, plus Knock Out roses.  If you don’t know about them, they bloom all summer long.  I have pink ones in my front gardens, and plan to put the two red and one yellow ones in my back gardens.  But, I digress…


The second one (which is actually my favorite, and is also opened Saturdays year ‘round) is the market at the Dixie Classic Fair Grounds, right here in my town.  Don’t you just love the name!  It seems to be the most authentic, not that the others aren’t.  The farmers themselves are selling their hard grown produce, rag rugs, homemade soaps, bouquets of fresh flowers, plants, home-baked goods, home canned pickles and jams, eggs, meats (not my cup of tea..), family recipe barbeque sauces, and more!  There are three aisles, and it is hard not to stop at each booth and buy something, anything from every vendor.  I hold myself back.


The Cobblestone Market at Old Salem is the most fun market.  There is a coffee bar, a live musician, and wine!  The wine, I can skip first thing on a Saturday morning.  It’s the idea of it that delights me.  Again, there is everything available, including really beautiful breads and produce.  The setting ain’t bad, either!  Surrounded by two-hundred year-old homes and shops and an eighteenth-century-style garden certainly is intriguing.  It’s the Farmers’ Market I brought my Wisconsin sisters to, and one that is more suited to visiting with companions, rather than alone.  I like going alone, anyway.


Last but not least, is the Friday morning Reynolda Village Market.   It is tiny, with just about a dozen vendors, but what they bring is perfect.  I like to stop over there for tomatoes and bread after leaving my yoga class.  The crisp white buildings of the once farm of the Reynolds tobacco family are a charming backdrop, as well.  Lucky me.  Lucky everyone in the cities of Winston-Salem and Greensboro.


I could go to the original Krispy Kreme Donut shop any morning, but I’d rather spend my time, money, and choose my calories at a good old Farmers’ Market any day of the year.  Thank you, Farmers!


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