I hear that lonesome whistle…


I am a morning person.  When I taught, I would get up at 4:30 AM, ride my bike for 3 to 5 miles, and then get ready to leave for school at 6:30.  The kids arrived at 9.  Nowadays, I wake up without an alarm, (my concession to retirement self-indulgence) and lie in bed until maybe 5 or 5:30.

This morning is different.  I awake at 6, on the sofa in my living room.  My bed and fold out couch are full of Australians.  I love my Aussies!  Thirty five years ago, my former spouse and I hosted a funny, beautiful, high-spirited “sev’ndeen” year-old girl as an exchange student.  She has remained in our lives ever since, and she has a permanent chamber in my heart.

Jen is visiting me in North Carolina for the second year in a row.  How lucky am I?  She has brought along  her two sons, who are equally as lively and witty as their mother.  I adore them.  In a few minutes, my tiny walls will echo with boy-laughs as Hattie and Beedle jump on their beds and awaken them.  The boys  will wrap themselves in the afghans I crocheted for them and shriek at the cat-dog leaping and licking and the “drama in Pet Town,” as young Jack calls it.

For now, I will lie here in the early morning quiet, and listen to the whistle of the morning train going across the overpass about a mile from my tiny house.  It is a good sound.  Normally, it marks the beginning of my day.  They call it a “lonesome” whistle, but my life is anything but.


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  1. Deb, your life is filled with blessings! Know it is connected to the blessings you have rained into others’ lives also! Love , Kath

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