Heroes don’t necessarily wear capes…


Who is your hero?  I have several.  Here they are in no particular order.

My sister, Mary, is one.  She was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at the age of 9.  She lived fully, and as she entered kidney failure in 1999, she received a new kidney and pancreas.  Mary has gone on to be an incredible nurse, nurse manager, and just plain incredible human being.  She humbles me.  Her donor and donor’s family also happen to be heroes of mine.

My sister, Anne, is another of my heroes.   She has taken care of everyone around her since she was a very small girl.  It isn’t easy.  Anne cares for others in the most profound ways:   as a nurse and nurse manager, too; as a mother; as an incredibly supportive sister and daughter; and as a handy-person who wields power tools like they were dust rags.

My sister, Paige, is my third sister-hero.  She lives with diabetes AND a brain tumor.  She is an animal advocate, supporting several directors of organizations in practical ways that don’t involve money, but do involve dedication, love, and hours of her time.

Then there is my step-daughter, Bec.  As a hospice nurse, Bec helps people during their last days on earth.  How in the world can she?  She came to my rescue when my life was crumbling at my feet, just as my three sisters mentioned above did.  Now, along with her husband, she cares for her dad, who is not an easy person.  There is so much more to that story, it is mind-boggling!

I know that heroes walk among us.  They aren’t easily identified, because they don’t wear capes.  Just look closely, though.  They step out when they have a mission, and step back when that mission is accomplished.   Their super powers sustain those of us fortunate enough to be touched by their strength.  I know I have not told them enough, how grateful I am to each one.  “Thanks, my Super Heroes!”


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  1. Precious! I need to think about my own super heroes. Today’s assignment for myself! Love you.

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