Life in cold country…


People live differently in cold country than they do in my neck of the woods. I’ve been observing some of the differences of life-style and culture. No judgment. Just sayin’…

Houses and stores have two entries into their main parts, as a barrier to cold and a place to shuck off wet boots and coats.

People use their mudrooms and garages as an extension of their refrigerators.

The moisture is sucked right out of your skin from indoor heat.

Your hair is either flat or flying.

Families huddle around the Eden Pure infra-red quartz heaters.

Women’s long underwear comes in many attractive patterns, but only one style.

Coffee spilled outside freezes on contact with the pavement.

Power lines bounce when coated with ice.

People carry gallons of windshield washing fluid in their cars. They keep multiple packs of wiper blades on hand.

Speaking of blades, trucks have front plowing blades. Three of my siblings here, have additional trucks designated only for plowing on snow days.

Vehicles look custom “painted” by road salt streaks and spatters.

Gas stations sell hot soup and chili.

Glare ice doesn’t keep people from leaving home, and school busses run on glare ice…no special training required for drivers. They learned when they were sixteen, if not earlier.

Hospitals make plans for staff sleepovers when significant snow is forecasted.

Sky and ground are the same color, but when the sun comes out, it’s like being in a tanning booth…minus the warmth AND tan.

And even on the news report, they say, “You know you’re in Wisconsin when twenty-three degrees is a nice day.”


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