Person of the Year…


I’ve been Time’s Person of the Year. Twice. And so have you. Well, most of you.

I actually just found this out… about the two time recognition. I knew I was Person of the Year in 2006 because I wrote about it in my Christmas letter. Most recipients of the letter didn’t get it because they didn’t remember the Time Magazine announcement. The magazine cover showed the frontal silhouette of a head, and where the face belongs was that shiny paper to reflect back your own face. The caption was, “Person of the Year: You.” I took that to be me. And of course, everyone else.

However, today, in an AARP article, I read that I had also been “Man” of the Year in 1966, the year I graduated from high school. I kinda missed that one. Too much Boone’s Farm and other distractions, I guess.

It seems back then, the proclamation was called Man of the Year. We’ve come a long way, Baby. And all those people, “Twenty-five and Under,” were chose as men, women, or ideas that “for better or worse, have most influenced events” in the year, according to Like I or anyone else back then knew we had any influence, but who am I to question the powers that be?

Too bad I didn’t get that memo. My self-esteem would have soared, and then I might actually have been awarded Person of the Year on my own, though I’m humbled to share it with so many wonderful people, such as yourselves.

I’ll just have to settle for being the next best thing to Buffalo Blue for Hattie the Wonder Dog and Mr. Beedle Weedleman, the orange cat. Oh, and all of my great family and friends who make me feel pretty special, too. I hope the rest of you fellow past People of the Year recipients feel as honored, albeit a little late, as I do, and …Happy New Year, y’all.


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