John Lennon hit on the perfect concept, when he wrote and performed this song.  It is a perfect year-word, too.

As I spend time these days, at school, with children ranging in age from three to fourteen, I find that I have forgotten how to imagine.  Kids have that down pat, though.  Yesterday, I sat with a Kindergarten boy who was free-drawing a picture.

I’m telling you this kid was all over the place with this drawing, and I was captivated.  He had a fire storm, caused by a secret container that held “lemon juice, fire, and oranges.”  He had a tornado and an earthquake scribbled clearly across the page, which stopped at a particular spot on the paper, clearly labeled “STOP.”  There was more, but I was over stimulated by all that activity, and my eyes glazed over.

Oh, my goodness.  What happened to me?



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