Snowbound, Southern-style…


In three hours, the ground is completely covered with snow.  The only things that stick above the white are the dead mum and coneflower stalks left from last summer.  It is kind of incredible.  Of course, I am prepared.  Very prepared.  I have the obligatory bread, milk, and toilet paper.  I have coffee, dog food, and hairspray.  I even have…wait for it…wine.

Several schools closed last night, before the snow began.  My little school, up the hill, held classes until 11:30 AM, in anticipation.  The students and teachers, I am sure,  all have arrived home before the flurries.  I have big plans…blog, check; letter writing, check; nap, check, check, and check.

Naturally, I am not even snowbound, yet.  I could actually go somewhere if I wanted or needed to do so, if not driving, at least on foot.  I am not going anywhere, however.  I am hunkered in.

Tomorrow it’s bread baking, and maybe even a jigsaw puzzle.  That’s the way we do it here in the south.


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