So much to write…


So little time and such inadequate words.  There’s the conclusion of the Winter Olympics at Sochi, and then the Ukraine and Crimea.  (Seriously, Russia?)  And there’s Venezuela.

There’re the Oscars with several films that tell really important stories this year, like 12 Years a Slave and The Dallas Buyers Club.  Of course, there’re the red carpet, the designer clothes, and the jewels, too.

There’s Lent beginning this week, and the fasting, prayer, and pondering in the heart that comes with the forty days approaching.

Then, there’re the blooming crocuses, the daffodils about to unfurl, and the forsythia all budded out.  There are the bluebirds, too, and other songbirds all twittery in the day break minutes.  That means Daylight Savings Time, all over again.

But, there are still atrocities in North Korea, and there’s still discrimination in Arizona.  And we still have the Ukraine, Crimea, and Venezuela. Personally, I’m pondering peace in my heart.


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