A shoulder to cry on…


Not a punching bag.  That’s a nurse.  That’s a teacher.  This was Nurse AND Teacher Appreciation Week.  It is a celebration of two mighty professions, and rightly shared, for nurses also teach and teachers also nurse. 

In my family, the women seem to have gravitated to each one of these professions.  We are proud to care for and serve others.

Though my active, full-time teaching days are over, I still consider myself to be an educator, and I whole-heartedly pray for and laude all teachers everywhere.  But I am totally in awe of nurses.  They have to hurt people in order to help them heal.  That is just plain amazing to me.

As this special week of acknowledgement and recognition comes to a close, remember to thank a teacher or two.  He, she, or most probably they helped you become to person you are.  Then find and kiss a nurse.  She or he will be the ones to make it all better, if not now, then definitely someday.



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  1. Much appreciated and a great big DITTO and cyber hug for you!

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